Songwriting: How to tell your story

Fri 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Venue: River


This will be a community-based, interactive songwriting workshop in which the group will learn about the basics of songwriting while also discovering and sharing their own stories and the collective story of the group. Songs are the expression of our deepest stories in a form that others can relate to. In this workshop, HuDost (who have been writing celebrated songs for almost two decades) guide the group to both discover and express their stories. Together, participants will collectively write a song and will also learn about song structure, tricks and tools in the lyric writing process, and what different keys and chord changes can do to change the message of their words. HuDost has done this workshop with various groups and not only is it super-fun, people are also inspired, moved, and empowered through this experience. Anyone can attend and do not need to have previous lyric-writing or musical experience.