Communities, Collectives, & Congregations: Enacting Structural Change for Justice by Enlivening (or Saving) Our Existing Institutions

Fri 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Venue: Landing


We face multiple crises - existential crises like climate change and historical structures of injustice/inequity. We desperately need stronger, enlivened institutions - congregations and collectives empowered and mobilized for structural social change to meet these challenges! We applaud the growing activism of individuals and formation of dynamic social movements for change. But perhaps the most direct and most powerful response to current oppressions and inequities is through our institutions. This dialogue explores and advocates for concrete spiritual and political practices that enliven existing institutions by transforming them into powerful collectives that interrupt the patterns of injustice and inequity in their social context. These principles and practices are also essential for the formation of new institutions and congregations aligned with social justice that can replace the waning social institutions (that are so often deeply implicated in the inequities of our time).