DO JUSTICE! /Cash Bail Bond Reform

Fri 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Venue: Workshop


This will be a presentation of the problem and ways ahead by people working for constructive reform/replacement of the unfair, inequitable, counterproductive and unjust Pretrial Cash Bail Bond System that needlessly wrecks lives, hurts families, damages children, increases crime, is reinforces racial bias, hurts public health, increases taxes and damages the overall economy, The event will consist of a presentation of the way the present system works, its harmful effects, ways the causes are being addressed, future plans, a short Bail Bond Theater of the Dispossessed illustrating fundamental inequities in the system, Q&A, and a workshop enabling attendees to start helping to reform/replace the System in their area by advocacy, education, organization, building coalitions, official action and relationships with allies. Access to resources to help them and networking will be provided.