Harm Reduction Among Us - The Good/The Bad/The Ugly (Premarital Sex & Polyamory)

Fri 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Forum


It is so much easier to talk about how supportive and progressive we are until those among us start stepping all over our own neat and tidy lives. Then all of a sudden the 'it' becomes very difficult and our own theology becomes frayed at the edges as our feelings get hurt. In this workshop we will talk about a few situations where we have found it difficult to remain progressive - where we might have found ourselves 'othered' or where we might have found ourselves wanting to justify 'othering' someone else. We will try to gently deconstruct what is underneath this othering process especially when the issue is around our own or someone else's sexuality. To have this conversation, we will ask that all people abide by the ORCA stance (opennes, respect, curiosity and accountabiity to their power). We will do this in order to maintain a thoughtful, mindful dialogue and learn from each other what might be underneath those harder more reactive moments when we are being invited to grow rather than point fingers.