Whistleblowers of Faith and the Salvation of the World - Worship/lament/memorial/dedication to whistleblowers of faith

Fri 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Venue: River


The “salvation of the world” – presuming that includes our unprecedented, and imperiled, global civilization sustaining, more or less intact, to year 2100 and beyond – depends on whistleblowers of faith refusing to bystand to corporation or government agency lawbreaking they witness in their vocations. Whistleblowers of faith model “faith expressing itself through love.” They go beyond “revolutionary love” – they exhibit “supererogatory love,” in that whistleblowers of faith put love of neighbor, our common good, and posterity above love of self via the redemptive suffering that accompanies their whistleblowing. This program will include music, readings, and testimonies of whistleblowers of faith.