Mindful Listening For Authentic connection

Fri 10:00am - 11:30am

Venue: Relating Arts


Raise your hand if you can relate to any of the following: *You share words of unsolicited wisdom while a person just needs to be heard. *You find yourself judging while someone else is speaking. *The little voice in your head is louder than the person speaking. *You think you can multitask while you are listening to someone. *In the face of disagreement or conflict, you over-react, shut down, change the subject, or just walk away. Congratulations! You’re human! Take a deep breath and repeat the following: I'm human. In the Mindful Listening for Authentic Conversation workshop we will: *Discuss the basics of mindful listening. *Explore ways to identify when our mouths and ears go on autopilot. *Practice being present and in the moment during conversation. *Practice empathy while asking authentic questions around judgment, discomfort, and curiosity. During the workshop, we will improvise authentic conversation while practicing mindful listening techniques. So let's end our time together with a few more deep breaths and repeat silently... I will attend the Mindful Listening for Authentic Conversation workshop because I'm human. I will become a better human with effort and practice. Also... Darryl doesn't like sitting alone.