Why the Christian Witch is Rising

Sat 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Healing Arts


WITCH: healer, rebel, knower, revolutionary. There is a reason why the villager healers, shamans, and witches were marginalized and pushed to the edge of town. They knew how to heal, they were divinely connected, and they knew white conservative men were not going to heal the nations. The work of the witch is to HEAL, and fight back against institutionalized forms of power using healing as the salve. Join Priestess, Christian Witch and ReWilder Lauren Wilde, The Church Witch as we discuss the Archetype of The Witch and why it is rising up among deconstruction culture. What is this Rising of Paganism, Witches, Mysticism, and The Esoteric Arts. If you have been wondering why all of sudden Goddess Circles are springing up everywhere and now even your mother has a stash of crystals, essential oils, and maybe even some oracle cards this is the session for you. Lauren will go over what WITCH even means, and how everyone has an inner Witch Archetype in their Psyche. We will dialogue and discuss the historical aspects of the word WITCH and all of the baggage that comes with it, why we are seeing a resurgence, The Divine Feminine Rising and why Lauren and so many others believe Jesus was a witch. It's time to rectify and heal The Witch Wound- its time to understand that witch is not a religion- its a path and its important we honor it as such.