Making Mini-Zines as Creative Self-Care

Sat 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Venue: Studio (Art)


As creative people (and we’re all creative people, made in the image of the Creator) many of us walk around with a head full of ideas, inspired by the people, places and Spirit we encounter in the world. These creative ideas all too often languish—dimmed by our busyness, our competing duties, and the gap that stretches between the spark of our inspiration and what we’re told it will take to make it “real.” In this make-and-take workshop, we’ll explore how even the tiniest project can reinvigorate the creative self. With 50 minutes and a single sheet of paper, participants will take their creativity into their own hands to craft a unique 8-page mini-publication. Write a silly poem, doodle a comic, craft a birthday message, pen an ode to the Goose, collage a vision book. No experience needed! Join us as we let go of the rules that dim our sparks and embrace the imperfect expressions of our own voices.