Shameless Parenting: Sexuality and Other Touchy Subjects

Fri 10:00am - 10:50am

Venue: Living Room


Most parents get pretty freaked out when it comes time to talk to their kids about sex. Yet most know one thing for sure ... they do not want to replicate what happened in their childhood! But what to do instead? And what to do with all the feelings that come up when kids start doing embarrassing things like putting their hands down their pants at the grocery store? In this workshop we are going to walk you through child sexual/relational development sharing the normative sexual curiosities at different ages, and how to tackle all the 100 - 1 minute conversations you are to be having along the way. We will share with you some of our stories of raising our collective eight (now adult) children (yes, we survived ... barely) and share some of our successes and lessons along the way. We will also give you ‘cheat sheets’ to take home that will span from birth through age 18 that are broken down into two to three year increments. These cheat sheets will have info on normative developmental info, typical shame triggers for parents/caregivers, how to prepare and soothe those triggers, resources you can get to prepare, and some research. You can make copies of these cheat sheets and share them with your friends, doctors, teachers, clergy, whomever you wish back home. This workshop will be interactive and we hope to have time for questions.