Shadow as Medicine: Understanding Your Personal Mythos

Sat 11:00am - 11:50am

Venue: Healing Arts


Using the The Hero's Journey and Various Archetypes to help participants connect to their inner guide. This will be relatively interactive with cards, journaling, contemplation, shadow work, relational yoga mirroring, and a guided meditation to integrate and embody the work. We will be discussing the arch of life known as The Hero's Journey and how we each have a personal mythology we are working towards in our life spans. We will discuss what it means to be at The Call and in The Underworld. We discuss The Pagan Wheel of the Year and how everything in nature moves in cycles and seasons. We will then use our own stories and myths as mirrors to the collective narrative of The Hero's Journey and then move through our own and re-write our stories using Emergent Storytelling as a practice. After we complete the contemplative practice of shadow work, personal mythology, and storytelling- we will engage in a guided meditation to help integrate the work and embody its gold.