Building a Faith-Based Climate Action Movement

Fri 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: River


The Southeast Climate Action Faith Leaders Network (SFLN) was recently established as a coalition working with faith communities to identify and implement positive, hope-filled responses to climate change as a moral imperative. In 2019 Interfaith Power & Light directors from Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, along with support from Creation Justice Ministries based in Washington DC, came together to discuss our programs on-going challenges and frustrations in not being able to accomplish what we know we could if we just had the appropriate level financial support to implement our community-based initiatives. This led us our five organizations to jointly apply for support through U.S. Climate Action Network’s grassroots and collaboration grant program. Our various “Faith in Action” campaigns support lay and ordained faith leaders to develop their individual faith voices to apply to appropriate local and state-level energy and climate issues, with goals to develop relationships with elected officials, and participate in constructive and collaborative ways to influence energy policy and foster local and state-wide resilience. Although motivating congregations to implement adaptation strategies is a major target, we know that many of our constituents have not yet made the connections between their own lives and how climate change is already affecting daily life. Engaging faith communities in “climate conversations” about local impacts leads people not only to prepare for impending disasters but also to be inspired to prevent them preemptively. In this session leaders from the Southeast Faith Leaders Network (SFLN) will share lessons learned about how we are building power from the grassroots of the faith communities