Vulnerable Bodies: Where Christ Consciousness Meets Class Consciousness

Sat 12:00pm - 12:50pm

Venue: Landing


In the last century we’ve seen people find refreshing ways to integrate Christian symbols into their diverse spiritual practices through a concept called “Christ Consciousness”. This concept continues to help people understand their inner divinity and connection to the universe along their spiritual journeys. While this inner contemplative work is important we have also begun to see this concept, and similar concepts of cosmic unity, push people further inward, avoiding the material causes for inequality and suffering. A more mature realization of the oneness of all things should push us to actualize that oneness in our material reality by working to end all inequality through collective action. How can we talk about spiritual practice and political praxis in the same conversation? Contemplation and action? Christ Consciousness and Class Consciousness? A deeper understanding of vulnerability can help us get there. Spiritual practice exposes us to our personal vulnerabilities while political praxis exposes us to societal vulnerabilities through the most vulnerable people marginalized in our world today. Our vulnerabilities are where society abuses us and also where God chooses to speak and act through us. Holding our personal vulnerabilities and societal vulnerabilities as sacred can shape the kind of faith our world desperately needs today: a faith committed to liberation.