Born This Way - At the Intersection of Science and the Bible

Sat 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Portal


The Bible begins with the story of our creation in the image of God. For many people, the understanding of gender and sexuality ends with “God created them male and female.” In this workshop, we will look deeper into the context of creation, and instead of butting heads with science, will explore how recent and deeper understandings of fetal development mesh with scripture to show not only how transgender, gay lesbian and intersex people are created by God, but are also blessed. Outline: My Story The Traditional View Genesis 1:26, 27, KJV Family Research Council View Focus on the Family View Genesis 1:26, 27 NRSV different wording The Image of God Male Female Gen 1:27, Hosea 11:3,4, Hosea 13:8, Deut. 32:11, 12, Isaiah 66:13, Isaiah 49:15, Matt 23:37, Luke 13:34, Luke 15:8-10 Examining God in reflection to our creation God was with us when we were created: Job 31, Psalm 139, Eccl 11:5, Isaiah 44:24, Jeremiah 1:5 More than Just Male and Female Six Genders of Classical Judaism Historical evidence of Transgender and Gay people The Science of Intersex People Chromosomes Biological origins of sexual orientation and gender identity Gene expression: genomics Physical Fetal Development Male, Female and Intersex Spectra of Human Sexuality The Role of Estrogen and Testosterone Social organization does not affect sexual identity Various hormonal and amino acid variations and how they affect neurological development Examples of brain differentiation between genders, transgender and gay / lesbian people Sexual Behavior in other Vertebrates Humans are not the only species who identify as homosexual or change gender Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs All people have the same basic physical and emotional needs Back to the Bible Deut. 22, Deut. 23 An affirming look at scriptures Isaiah 56, Matt 19, Acts 10 Abolishing the Law Gal 3 Encouragement Psalm 68: God finds families for those who are alone