Mental Illness, Mental Health, and the Faith Community

Sat 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Venue: Library


Faith communities often struggle to have honest conversations about mental illness and mental health, both within the community and in society as a whole. David Finnegan-Hosey, author of Christ on the Psych Ward and Grace is a Pre-Existing Condition, will facilitate a brave and vulnerable conversation around these topics. Drawing on his own personal experiences of mental health struggles as well as ministry experience and the wisdom of the community, David will lead us in discussing such important questions as: How can the church respond faithfully to the realities of mental illness and mental health crisis? What might people with mental illnesses have to say to our communities? What systems and structures impact the ability of people to access mental health services, and how can faith communities be forces for change in those structures? And, in this election year, what might it mean to worship, work, and vote for mental health?