Breaking All the Rules: An Ancient Framework for a Modern Faith

Sat 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Venue: Portal


When Kristian A. Smith set out to create a truly diverse and multicultural ministry, the first thing he needed to do was build a theological foundation that wasn't based on rule-keeping. Matthew 22, otherwise known as the Greatest Commandment, provided him all the materials he needed. As a result he wrote Breaking All The Rules. This session is for the religious cynic, the seeker, the curious, the unchurched, the under-churched and the over-churched. Breaking All The Rules helps us to not only deconstruct the harmful theologies we were taught, but also helps us to reconstruct a new connection to The Divine. You won't find answers to all of your questions in this session. But you will get plenty of questions for your answers. The challenge of Breaking All The Rules to to replace the default question, What does the Bible say about that? with How does the Greatest Commandment apply here?