Larry Dickinson

Larry Dickinson is an Entrepreneur, Engineer and Lay Leader based in western NC. He earned his PhD in Applied Science and has spent 30 years in the Research & Development and commercialization of new advanced materials. He has experience from both large companies (e.g. NASA, Lockheed) and small startups. Owning his own business for more than 15 years he now claims to have the worst boss he’s ever had; himself. He grew up in a small UCC church in rural NC and has facilitated numerous classes in various congregations where he’s lived: from Bill Hybel's Contagious Christian; to multiple courses out of the Living the Questions series, to various 30+ week Disciple bible study classes (including formal facilitator training). His ongoing Faith Journey began in a conservative congregation of a progressive Christian denomination (UCC) and is now exploring broader perspectives with an interest in Mysticism.

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