Jo Luehmann

Jo Luehmann is a Colombian born and raised pastor who moved to the US to get her masters degree in ministry and theology. After 10 years working inside of churches, developing curriculum and teaching classes on theology and doctrine, and finding in personal and systemic ways how harmful and abusive the evangelical church is, Jo quit her job and committed to finding a faith that wasn’t abusive. Alongside her partner she started the Living Room ( a non-profit reclaiming faith and Christianity as spiritual expressions that can lead us toward wholeness, healing and heaven on earth. In the summer of 2020 alongside a group of victims and survivors of church abuse, Jo started @doBetterChurch an online space where people abused in churches can be seen, heard, believed and connected to others who can offer tools in their journey toward healing, as well as an initiative to invite churches to do better. In less than 6 months the space grew to over 15000 people with well over a thousand different reports of abuse submitted. Jo speaks and teaches about decolonizing faith and theology, as well as the importance of dismantling white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism both individually and collectively.

Sun 10:00am - 10:50am Jo Luehmann Main stage
Thu 9:00am - 5:00pm Justice Camp (Pre-Festival) Bridge
Sat 3:00pm - 3:50pm The Death of Clericalism ,Whiteness, and the invitation to the everyday practitioner Living Room
Fri 4:00pm - 4:50pm Theology Is a Tool for Liberation Living Room