Jill Schneider Smith

Jill Schneider Smith – Raised by Jesus after a dysfunctional childhood, Jill looked for calm and peace in a world that is anything but. Traveling a circuitous life route ending up in Seminary. Like many others, she started sure of life and theologically conservative and has become unsure of everything but sees God at work everywhere. She is now accepting of all who seek love and justice in a chaotic world. A pastor for over 20 years she has found calm begins on the inside and now has a ministry of pairing Contemplative Prayer for a closeness to God with the Enneagram for self-understanding called Flourishing Souls. You cannot give God everything if you don't know who you are. www.flourishingsouls.org.

Fri 12:00pm - 12:50pm Centering Prayer - Creating Inner Peace Healing Arts