Gareth Higgins

Gareth Higgins was born in Belfast in 1975, grew up during the northern Ireland Troubles, and now lives in the US. He writes and speaks about the power of storytelling to shape our lives and world, peace and making justice, and how to take life seriously without believing your own propaganda. He has been involved in peace-building and violence reduction in northern Ireland and helping address the legacy of conflict, received a Ph.D. in Sociology from Queen’s University Belfast, and helped teach the world’s first graduate course in Reconciliation Studies at Trinity College Dublin. He also helped found the Wild Goose, New Story and Movies & Meaning festivals. Gareth leads retreats in North America and Ireland; and he founded The Porch Magazine.

Sat 4:00pm - 4:50pm Gareth Higgins /A New Kind of Heroism Library
Fri 4:00pm - 4:50pm Gareth Higgins/ How Not to be Afraid Workshop
Thu 5:30pm - 7:50pm Gathering the Goose Main stage