Deconstruct Podcast

Exvangelical couple, Lauren and Adam spent most of their lives within the Christian Music Industry - winning a Juno Award for Best Christian Album of the Year in 2019. Before, throughout and after their time in CCM, Lauren & Adam questioned cultural and societal norms, which included their own religious lenses they once saw the world through. They’ve been married since early 2018 and together host a podcast called Deconstruct in the ever growing exvangelical, post Christian community. Although both Adam and Lauren consider themselves to be somewhere between agnosticism and mystical atheism, they often speak from their experiences and knowledge they have from their Christian upbringing. They help others ask hard questions, continue conversations about faith or lack thereof, and embrace all the facets of the human experience.

Fri 4:00pm - 5:00pm Deconstruct Podcast GooseCast