Common Hymnal

Common Hymnal is a ‘curator.’ We are in the process of building out a virtual, hybrid library/gallery/theater to showcase intriguing content that we excavate from the spiritual underground. We are ‘not’ a band or an artists collective or a church or a para-church ministry. We do not have members or a theological statement, as would be the case with a typical ministry initiative. There is no ‘in’ and ‘out’. The work we do is energizing and a lot of what we do ends up feeling like ‘party-central’, with a lot of relational warm fuzzies. But we are essentially about the business of curating art that has been created by Christ-followers on the outskirts of the ‘system.’ Our contributors may not have found a perfect fit within the existing structures, but they are extremely comfortable with their identity as Jesus people and participate with us as such.

Sat 6:00pm - 7:00pm Common Hymnal Vespers Café