The Order of Saint Hildegard

The Order of Saint Hildegard is a radically new, expansive body of faith centered around the healthy and whole nurturing and development of its chaplains and affiliates. We are rooted in the best parts of non-empire theology and spirituality. Our mission: The Order of Saint Hildegard transforms public and private faith through growing in community together and through fostering, developing and credentialing the ongoing creative ministry of individuals in various arenas. These will include (but not be limited to) innovative pastors, community builders, counselors, artists, spiritual directors, writers, musicians, teachers, healers, yoga teachers, social justice workers, career chaplains and other practitioners. Our vows: The Order of Saint Hildegard revisits the tradition of common vows as a blessing and an invitation rather than legalistic standard. We aim daily toward Courage and Reconciliation, Authenticity and Awareness, Prayer and Embodiment. Our values in practice: Our work together honors a nonbinary embrace of ancient and emerging, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, embodied and transcendent, inner and outer, mystical and practical, East and West, heart and mind, orderly and free. With due honor, dignity and proper criticism we leave behind the patriarchal/hierarchical container built by the church of the first 2000 years. We will serve bravely and seek to do no harm, aiming to get it right without always being right.

Fri 8:00am - 8:50am Immersive Meditation and Journaling Portal