Tambry Harris

Tambry is a spiritual director and life coach who helps others claim their best selves and lives. This involves clients looking at their innate character, personal obstacles, and deepest desires to intentionally embrace their whole selves. * Her twenty years of coaching and seven years of spiritual direction translate into her work with survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence through the Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers (GFS2T) organization. * Tambry believes her Masters in Applied Psychology and certifications in the areas of Leadership Coaching, Spiritual Direction, Change Management, and Diversity provide a grounded foundation to serve these beautiful souls. * She guides survivors to examine limiting beliefs, find strength in their unique gifts and abilities, and claim a wholehearted, meaningful life. * Through her organization, GFS2T, she provides individual guidance, small group retreats, and speaking engagements to bring awareness and light into the shame and silence of abuse and trauma. Tambry’s book, Awakening the Light: A Survivors to Thrivers Going-Forward Story, was named a 2020 American Book Fest Best Book Finalist. * Tambry believes as we make our wounds visible and available, they can be of service to the healing of others. Her story of wounding, struggle, and healing encourages survivors to understand their limiting beliefs, examine unhealthy patterns and claim their going- forward stories. Tambry’s experiences, concepts, and heart shine light into the darkness that surrounds sexual abuse and domestic violence. * Section I invites the reader into the author’s story by asking reflection questions. Together, author and reader walk through the stages of forming, launching, evolving, awakening, claiming, and thriving. * Section II focuses on the reader’s exploration and moves through a mindful process of exploring the main character of the story, the reader, and seeing that person more holistically, maybe even more compassionately than ever before. The reader claims a vision for future life-giving chapters. * Tambry was recently named Mecklenburg Times 50 Most Influential Women of 2021. * To learn more about her organization, please visit survivorstothrivers.com.

Sat 1:00pm - 1:50pm Shining Light on the Secrecy and Shame of Sexual Abuse Bridge