Tamara Hanna (Feightner)

Tamara (Hanna) Feightner has been a part of the Wild Goose community since the beginning and every year since. Love & Loss Counseling is her private practice in Asheville where she works with individuals and couples. As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with 15 years of experience she helps folks do relationships with integrity, heal from spiritual injury, and clear the path to deeper connection with themselves, others, and the transcendent. As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist©, she is passionate about liberating people through education and experiences—helping people navigate the complexity of loss in all its forms: not only related to tangible deaths but also the loss of dreams, trust, identities, and belonging. (Some say she is the Marie Kando of emotional clutter)! In the past 2 years she has expanded her therapeutic and group work to include the expressive modality of The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, welcoming any opportunity to share this powerful intuitive experience. She lives fearlessly in deep waters, yet has learned the importance of coming up for air by cultivating beauty, celebration, play, and laughter.

Fri 11:00am - 11:50am Release & Receive: A personal journey with music, imagery, and mandala River