Shikera Thomason

With over a decade of classroom experience teaching, I believe there had to be more for me. I have discovered that life is a classroom, and most of the lessons are not easily obtained. However, it is my responsibility to implement lessons with passion, compassion, and support as I navigate along life's journey. I consider myself a common woman residing in rural Georgia. When I am not spending time with family, friends, and community, I enjoy writing poetry, singing, coloring, playing my guitar and sitting quietly at the lake. For over a year, I have been writing my memoir about living through my own sexual trauma experiences, healing, and encouraging others along their healing journey. The book is entitled Intentional Healing. In addition to writing my memoir, I recently began a podcast entitled Be a Bridge. This podcast is about being a human bridge and how that role is beneficial to oneself as well as humankind. As a person navigating healing, Shikera teaches others that what they have endured is not the full extent of their life! She loves her family, framily (friends who are family), and her progressive thinking -justice loving Wildgoose Community!

Fri 1:00pm - 1:50pm Taboo or Truth about Sexual Trauma, Purity Culture, and Meditation Bridge