Sarah Causey & Shacoya Graham

Sarah and Shacoya met in grad school, becoming fast friends when they realized their similarities as teen moms and adult graduate students. Despite different backgrounds, the shared experiences empowered them to communicate openly with each other. Conversations about race, gender, sexuality and power became frequent topics and a shared source of passion for creating systemic change in their communities. Shacoya is a Marriage and Family Therapy master’s student with interests in promoting racial and cultural equality through building relationships as well as social justice issues in women’s health. Currently serving as the Student Government Diversity Liaison at Pfeiffer University, Shacoya created and facilitates “Diversity Dialogues” a monthly forum serving as a space to students and educators to discuss relevant diversity topics. Sarah is an LMFTA who works with individuals in crisis, sexual trauma, and adults living with HIV. She has developed and taught sex education programs on college campuses and local churches. Sarah enjoys engaging in discussions examining social norms existing within mainstream church, and traditional relationships. Sarah has presented at national and international conferences about feminism, sexuality and religion. Their past, current, and educational experiences afford the knowledge and courage to discuss sensitive subjects with openness and expertise.

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