Paula Ferris and Spencer Burke

The Ministry Team at Fullerton First United Methodist Church includes the Reverend Paula Ferris and Spencer Burke who collaborate to honor tradition and embrace innovation. Paula has had a life-long career in traditional ministry with the United Methodist Church. Her purpose is to walk alongside folks as they discover the God that belongs to them and that they belong to. Whether you use the word “God” or “higher power” or “sacred” or “divine” or “universe” or “GUS” (Great Universal Spirit), or perhaps, none of these, Paula wants to hear about it! Spencer's career has been lived on the edges including launching, producing Soularize events, and most recently serving as Minister of Innovation for the Pacific Southwest Region of the Disciples of Christ. Spencer has also authored several books including Making Sense of Church (HarperCollins) and A Heretics Guide to Eternity (Jossey Bass). They join together to flesh out the concept of 'humane spirituality' in the context of a local community, with the desired outcome of creating common cause communities.

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