Munira Elizabeth Reed

Munira (Rev. Ellizabeth A. Reed, Ph.D.) is a Sufi teacher/guide, a Dances of Universal Peace mentor teacher, and a retired United Methodist pastor. She travels throughout the year in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil, teaching expanded views of Yeshua/Jesus from the translation and spiritual practice work of Sufi teacher and religious studies author Neil Douglas-Klotz. The Sufi Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty is at the heart of it all. Radical love, radical inclusivity, limitless freedom. She is completing work on a book of the Goddess and Divine Feminine in the first century Middle East, exploring what might have been Yeshua/Jesus' relationship with Her various expressions. She lives in Columbus, OH with her life partner of 29 years and two cats where she makes a living as a spiritual psychotherapist. One of her pre-Covid volunteer engagements was with ITA (Immigration Transportation Assistance) to support asylum seekers in bus transit across the USA from border towns as they journey to supportive families. She has worked on GLBTQ issues and feminist concerns in religious systems for many years

Fri 3:00pm - 3:50pm Rituals Sustaining Lives: From the Goddess to the Sufis, Sustaining Ourselves from the Wisdom Within Healing Arts