Midge Noble

Hello Fellow Seekers! I have taken many journeys seeking my worthiness, seeking my faith, and seeking my place in the world. I was told that I was an abomination and could not choose God, if I chose to be gay. I have journeyed through the guilt, the shame, and the trauma of coming out and being excommunicated from the church, some family, and friends. My life could have turned out differently if I had not met many people along my path who validated God's love for me; through all my doubts and fears and suicidal plans. My live could have been very different. I AM now pleased to say that I feel at peace reclaiming my relationship with God. It is not perfect, and that is okay. My Divine journey now is to bring that hope to those who are still struggling so that not one more person needs to die without hearing that they too can be; GAY with the God of their understanding! My coaching practice; Empowering Awakened Hearts, LLC guides people through their hurt to their healing as they become empowered to live their most authentic lives. I am legally!! married to an amazing woman, we have four beloved fur babies, and enjoy time at Corgi Haven Lane; our haven in the Alleghany mountains of NC.

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