Lynn Jericho

Lynn Jericho is a twenty-first century spiritual researcher who gives lectures and workshops around the country along with webinars, blogs, online courses and an international email list of over 4000. In addition to her public work, Lynn offers spiritual mentorship which has changed people's lives by helping them to read the letters of the spiritual script written in their deepest wounds and personal dramas and encouraging them to fulfill their destiny of contribution, relationships, well-being and inner development. Personally, she continues to struggle with the spiritual, emotional, and social trials and temptations of the modern soul. She remembers to celebrate, grieve and forgive her daily unfolding. She lives in the charming university town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina where she serves as a grandmother to Edon, 9 and Sabine, 5.

Fri 4:00pm - 4:50pm Into the Dark Wood Bridge