Liz Buzone

Liz is a business owner, music minister, and a graduate of the Spiritual Companionship program at St. Thomas University with a practicum in Spiritual Direction. She is currently a facilitator for the third year practicum training of that program as well. She grew up as a Roman Catholic but her own faith journey was deepened by her studies of literature & poetry, art history, and mindfulness. She also served as co-director for Damayan Garden Project and helped coordinate garden projects at various schools and communities. In all her work, pursuits and callings, she has uncovered meaning and purpose by moving through life in ongoing dialogue with the Divine. As a spiritual director and companion, she helps create the space for witnessing the movements of healing and transformation that take place on the spiritual path.

Sat 10:00am - 10:50am Dancing with light - A safe + sacred space for spiritual direction/companionship Bridge