Lauren Wilde, The Church Witch

Lauren Wilde The Church Witch Professional Astrologer and Tarot Reader, Owner and Founder of Wilde Alchemy Modern Mystery School. 500 CYT Yoga Instructor, ReWilding Facilitator & Retreat Leader, and Founder and Creator of The Wild Beloved online ReWilding Spiritual Community for Witches Mystics and Wild Hearts. Lauren Wilde is an ex lay-pastor and exvangelical who underwent a heavy Dark Night of The Soul experience in 2015. After an intense deconstruction period laden with heavy spiritual abuse and gaslighting she decided to turn to Christian Mysticism and is now committed to work of ReWilding the concept of Church and The Self. Her experiences with Yoga, Nature, Archetypes, Celtic Shamanism and Jungian Psychotherapy lead her to begin her work of bridging the The Esoteric Arts, Paganism and Modern Witchery with Christian Mysticism and the contemplative path. Lauren has helped thousands of people turn back to their wild selves and through Shadow Work, Ritual, Community Building, Healing, and the mirror of The Wild Christ within us all. Lauren is an active voice in the growing Deconstruction Community focused on helping individuals and communities remember their own inherent goodness and Holiness. Lauren is committed to the work of Emergent Spirituality and Community one student at a time through her school Wilde Alchemy Modern Mystery School. She lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio with her 3 kids and tends to her growing wild community.

Sat 11:00am - 11:50am Shadow as Medicine: Understanding Your Personal Mythos Healing Arts
Sat 1:00pm - 1:50pm Why the Christian Witch is Rising Healing Arts