Joseph (Joe) Carson, PE

Joseph (Joe) Carson, PE has lived and modeled, for the past 30 years, faith expressing itself as love, as a whistleblower in the federal civil service. Whistleblowers as Joe experience and model both redemptive suffering and supererogatory love for neighbor, common good and posterity as they put love of neighbor above and beyond love of self in their actions. In doing so, they go beyond revolutionary love to supererogatory love. As a result of his 30 years of redemptive suffering (i.e. suffering persecution for justice's sake (Matt 5:10), Joe is now an influential member of humanity's largest and most global profession of: 1) engineering regarding significant and persistent deficiencies to the scope and implementation of its code of ethics; 2) the two million member federal civil service regarding significant deficiencies to the implementation of the merit principles, the statutory bedrock for employment practices in every federal agency; and 3) Christianity regarding its near non-existent theology and praxis for secular professions as engineering. If only the stakes were not so high for the salvation of the world - presuming that includes our unprecedented global civilization sustaining, more-or-less intact, to year 2100 and, hopefully, beyond. Joe played a positive role in the creation of Bearing Witness, a program to persuade and equip religious professionals to do other than bystand to whistleblowers and the institutional evil they risk and pay so much to non-violently confront.

Fri 5:00pm - 6:30pm Whistleblowers of Faith and the Salvation of the World - Worship/lament/memorial/dedication to whistleblowers of faith River