Jaimie Mudd

Bio for Jaimie Mudd After years of longing to attend Jaimie finally made it to the Goose in 2019! She represented Earlham School of Religion during the Festival. She has been serving Quaker Meetings and diverse faith communities since 1996. She has been serving Greensboro First Friends as Pastor for Congregational Ministries since June 2019. With a calling for fostering healthy communities, she has led retreats, workshops on meditation, discernment, as well as faith community revitalization across the US. Over the past ten years Jaimie, and her husband Dan, have led Experiment with Light, and, Friends Couple Enrichment retreats. These retreats enable individuals and couples to encounter their inner Light in extraordinary ways. She provides spiritual nurture and coaching for people that want to deepen their spiritual connections and community vitality.