J. Marshall Jenkins

My name is Marshall Jenkins, and my vocations are listening and writing. Those play out in my work as a psychologist and spiritual director in private practice in Rome, Georgia. Also I write a Beatitudes blog at www.jmarshalljenkins.com, and I have published three books on Christian spirituality, most recently Blessed at the Broken Places: Reclaiming Faith and Purpose with the Beatitudes (Skylight Paths, 2016). I believe that it takes a special sensitivity to seek spiritual direction. You feel addressed, called, sent to fulfill a purpose, however vaguely understood. The questions of your life come clearer by love than by calculation, and receiving God’s love sets you on your true path. Furthermore, you sense the Spirit most clearly as you move from solitude to community and back again. If that describes you, I am available to listen and pray for you. I see myself as a companion and gentle guide in prayerful listening to the Holy Spirit, the true director. As a psychotherapist, I am a very seasoned listener. But in spiritual direction, I put aside therapeutic aims to listen with you to what God says and does through your pain and peace. I earned certificates in spiritual formation and guidance from Columbia Theological Seminary and Shalem Institute. After six decades in the PCUSA, I joined the Episcopal Church where my wife, Wanda Cantrell, plays the organ for St. Peter’s in Rome, Georgia. While grounded in the Christian contemplative tradition, I connect with people on a wide ecumenical and interfaith spectrum. I would be honored to meet you.

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