Heathen Podcast

A drag queen, a Karen, a black woman, and an immigrant walk into a bar and come out with a podcast about spirituality on the other side of deconstruction. Our mission is to make folks who are leaving bad religion feel less alone, & more alive. 3 of the 4 hosts (Karyn Thurston, Matthew Blake/Flamy Grant, & Ben Grace) moved in together a month before Covid & Heathen Happy Hour was born. A weekly livestream built on cover song requests from the community that has gathered online for 14 months now. We have covered over 500 songs. Karyn, Matthew & Ben also play music at Sojourn Grace Collective on Sunday mornings with Kate & Colby Martin. We have a collective called Wide Open Commons that is recording & releasing progressive Christian music.

Sun 12:00am - 1:30am AcoustaGoose hosted by Heathen Podcast - From Midnight until ? Workshop
Sat 7:20pm - 8:00pm Heathen Happy Hour Main stage