Darlene Wright Van Dyke

I've been a student, observer, and facilitator of community formation since 1970 when I was blessed to attend a Trust-based community experience focusing on the core dynamics of Trust, Openness, Realization and Interdependence led by Jack Gibb, T-group co-founder, developer of TORI Theory, my mentor for many years. My life's journey is about seeking Divine Truth through the mystical experience of God, and of the Sacred Unity which nurtures healing within individuals and communities. I believe in building/discovering community wherever one finds oneself. An active member of the Episcopal Church since the early 70s, I've also explored other spiritual traditions, discovering, then also walking the Sufi path since 1998, with Dr Neil Douglas-Klotz as spiritual guide. This led to training with David Less and Devi Tide, then ordination in 2015 as Sufi Healing Cherag (or Lamp), an Interfaith Healing Minister. Grandmother of 5, I take the role of Wisdom Teacher seriously. Presently semi-retired from 25+ years practicing Craniosacral Therapy, Sound & Healing Arts, I'm exploring other passions. With this, my 7th Goose, I’m ready to work on a ongoing intentional community in the Spirit of the WGF.

Fri 3:00pm - 3:50pm Community Formation: Some Basics Episcopal