Bob Holmes

I'm Bob Holmes ie Contemplative Monk. I'm a Wisdom guy. My roots are Cherokee and early settlers all over the Carolina Mountains. I was born in Brevard NC and my dad was a Methodist Minister. My great Uncle Mac was a Presbyterian Evangelist in the mountains. His grandson my cousin Ben did the frescos at St John's In The Wilderness Episcopal Church at East Flat Rock where our ancestor Thomas Smith Webb Mott, an Episcopal Circuit Rider, was a priest and is buried. I have a degree from Liberty Theological Seminary, worked in international missions, in Baptist, Charismatic, in Episcopal churches as well as living in a Christian community (Judah), home, and theatre churches, Formed a band Face to Face in the Jesus Movement days. Ministered and took Franciscan Vows at a bar church at the Flora-Bama. And oh, I'm a mystic. I've done Zen, Native American Shamanism, and a meditator for over 50 years. Grace, Peace+ and all good, Bob

Fri 11:00am - 11:50am Walking With Wisdom Convo 02
Sat 12:00pm - 12:50pm Walking With Wisdom Convo 04