Bev Hartgrove

Bev is returning to Wild Goose festival, a second home to her as she grew up. She has been involved with the Goose in previous years through volunteering, and has made lasting friendships and relationships that she carries with her today. Bev is local to North Carolina, but more recently finding herself traveling around the U.S. pursuing her nursing career. Bev is passionate about helping others heal- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Bev has been involved in emotional intelligence among groups of women for 3 years now, continuously working to improve relationships, clear communication techniques and boundary setting with those around her. When able, she uses the time she has to sing, camp, hike, and dance, or pursuing deeper connections with those around her. She is looking forward to partaking in all of those activities at Goose this year!

Sat 8:00pm - 9:00pm Circle, Refueling, Connection, Self-Expression, Emotional-Work River