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Recovering from Revival

In 1995 in the panhandle of Florida, a spiritual awakening, known as the Brownsville Revival, drew thousands of seekers who would wait in line all day in the hopes of having a legitimate spiritual experience. Shortly thereafter a bible college and missions organization was formed in the hopes of changing the world. As many things do, priorities shifted and holiness became legalism which became spiritual abuse and a cult-like environment. 20 years later alumni found one another and established an online recovery group where fellow students could vulnerably share their stories, deconstruct their beliefs and experiences, and share their stories of loss and therapy. Three alumni and administrators of the recovery are leading this session. Deanna Fraser spent most of her life in traveling ministry across Canada and as an adult as a missionary in China. Josh Burton established community-based churches in impoverished communities and later evolved to be an affordable housing expert in NC, Gregg Montella founded Heroes International which raises funds for medical care and food for impoverished aging widows in Moldova.
July 13, 2019 10:00 am Recovering from Revival: Deconstruction and Love for the Jesus Freaks
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