Sara Miles

sara-milesSara Miles, author of City of God: Faith in the Streets, writes of the adventure of doing church in the streets, taking the Ash Wednesday service out into the actual City of God. In often lyrical terms, Sara describes the people she encounters on the streets of her city, reminding us along the way that she and her colleagues are not “taking” God to the streets; God is already there waiting.

“While God is remarkably flexible about showing up anywhere–in the desert, in a manger, in a burning bush, or in a prison cell–the eyes of my own faith see the most on urban streets. For me, paradise is a garden, but heaven is a city,” writes Miles.

Sara Miles also sees God in the act of feeding the stranger. In her earlier memoir Take This Bread, Sara chronicles her conversion to Christianity after receiving communion at the altar of St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, and her subsequent founding of The Food Pantry around that same altar.

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What’s wrong with Christian outreach, good deeds, mission trips and charity? Finding new life together beyond church/non-profit models of service.