Christian Piatt

christian-piatt-wgf14Community is a universal thirst of the human heart. Yet we are a people who are simultaneously scratching for belonging and wholly unprepared to accept it.
The conversation of inter-connectedness has been hijacked, stolen away to each theological, cultural and political corner. What hope is their for fresh discovery when this formative discussion is only happening amongst people who look the same, vote the same, believe the same, and read the same?

Leroy Barber, Tony Kriz, Christian Piatt & Romal Tune want to lead an honest discussion about what is happening beyond homogeneity. These dynamic speakers from diverse backgrounds believe it is affection not agreement, honesty not homogeneity that uncovers the seedbed of epiphany.

Panel: Seeking Peace through Unity, Not Uniformity
Martin Luther King said that the most segregated place in the country is the church pew on Sunday morning, but every community struggles with inequity, difference, even segregation. So how, in an increasingly pluralistic world do our communities survive – even thrive – while still taking on the hard issues? Romal Tune, Tony Kriz, Leroy Barber and Christian Piatt (AKA the Four Bald Brothers) talk about practical ways to work toward unity without requiring uniformity. We tend to fear what we have to lose when faced with difference, rather than what we have to gain. Though Four Bald Brothers come from very different cultural and theological backgrounds, they’re committed to exploring how we grow, and grow together, by cultivating a love greater than our differences.

The Media Revolution Will Be Televised
Christian Piatt raised $13,000 with a kickstarter fund to publish BLOOD DOCTRINE, his first religious thriller, himself. It’s now available worldwide and was optioned by a production company that is scripting the pilot and shooting scenes this summer to pitch to major movie studios and TV networks. In the new world of publishing, nearly anything is possible. Learn how he did it.

Homebrewed Christianity Culture Cast
Join the Homebrewed CultureCast with Christian Piatt and special cohosts Micky Jones and Josh Linton as they toss one back with singer Lisa Gungor and justice activists Romal Tune, Leroy Barber and Tony Kriz. Watch faith, current events and pop  culture collide with music, stupid games and even a little theology. Generously sponsored by Phillips Theological Seminary.